Introducing the Vrideo Forums

Posted by Alex Rosenfeld on



My teammates and I have been long-time fans of and participants in the various online forums for virtual reality and immersive video, ranging from the Oculus subreddit on Reddit to the 360 Video Professionals group on Facebook. However, when it comes to serious ongoing discussion about the nitty-gritty of immersive video production, we’ve found these forums somewhat lacking, either because their discussion is too general or ephemeral, or because they’re missing the robust features and structure needed to make a forum useful. Such a forum, we felt, would be invaluable in a community where everyone is effectively starting from scratch, bursting with questions, and walking away from each shoot or editing sessions with new learnings to share.

With that in mind, our Lead Web Developer, Sean, took it upon himself to leverage internet forum software phpBB and build out the Vrideo Forums, a discussion forum for all topics related to immersive video production. The boards currently include the following sections and forums…

Immersive video
* General Discussion. Discuss anything related to immersive video that isn’t specific enough for one of the forums below.
* Cameras. Discuss panoramic cameras and shooting, including techniques and best practices.
* Audio. Discuss audio gear and recording, including techniques and best practices.
* Syncing, Stitching, & Editing. Discuss syncing, stitching, and editing software and methods.
* Animated Content. Discuss creating animated immersive video.
* Distribution & Monetization. Discuss the distribution and monetization of immersive video.
* VR Headsets. Discuss virtual reality headsets, as well as any other devices capable of playing immersive video.

* Content Ideas. Share and get feedback on your ideas for immersive video content.
* Collaboration. Find collaborators for your immersive video projects.
* Showcase. Share and get feedback on your in-progress or finalized immersive video productions.

* Gear. Buy and sell immersive video gear.
* Services. Seek and offer immersive video production and post-production, e.g. stitching, services.

One thing we want to make sure to emphasize is that, while we’re hosting and supporting the Vrideo Forums (thus the name!), these discussion boards are first and foremost about immersive video production. In fact, our forum moderators include a couple leading figures from the immersive video community who join us from outside of Vrideo, Matt Rowell from 360 Labs and Gavin Farrell from Panogs.

As you’ll notice, the forums, having just launched, are a blank slate right now. It won’t happen overnight, but we’re excited for the community that we hope will gradually take form here. Please join us and introduce yourself!