Taking Our Goggles Off

Posted by Alex Rosenfeld on

We’re sad to announce that Vrideo is shutting down as of today.  We’re incredibly proud of what our team has achieved since launching our platform in beta in March 2015…

  • There have been over 700,000 installs of our VR apps.  To put these “VR numbers” in perspective, that’s the equivalent of a mobile app with roughly 200 million installs.
  • We’ve been one of only two immersive video destinations with apps available for all the major VR headsets, and we were among the first apps available on several of these devices.
  • We’re the highest rated immersive video destination on the Gear VR and Oculus Rift.
  • We’re the most popular immersive video destination on PlayStation VR, based on number of reviews.
  • We’ve attracted the most videos and publishers of any independent immersive video platform.
  • We were the first immersive video platform to support 3D and 4K video, and the first to leverage WebVR.
  • We were the founding sponsor of the first-ever internationally touring VR film festival, Kaleidoscope.

With only $2 million raised, we’ve accomplished all this up against competitors that have three to 50 times (!) our funding. In fact, we often joke about the fact that we have more apps than we do team members.  Unfortunately, though, we’ve now stretched this modest funding as far as it could take us, especially in light of the rising costs associated with our growth.

We’d like to thank, first and foremost, all the content creators who have shared their videos on Vrideo.  You guys are the true pioneers, and the work you’re doing has inspired us.  We regret any inconvenience our shutdown causes.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@vrideo.com if we can be helpful, for example, retrieving any videos you don’t have local copies of.

We’d also like to thank all the users who have downloaded our apps and viewed content on our platform.  Your enthusiasm has kept us motivated through many late nights and long weekends.  Finally, we’d like to thank the investors and advisors who have supported us as we ventured out into a very nascent and unproven industry.

The past few years have been a wild ride.  When we first started working on Vrideo, Facebook hadn’t yet acquired Oculus, Sony hadn’t announced “Project Morpheus,” and Google wasn’t even talking about VR.  It’s been a privilege to play a role, however small, in the emergence of this new medium.  We’ll be rooting for all of you who continue to carry it forward.